Tooth extraction tends to be synonymous with everything that’s scary about the dentist. The truth is that, performed correctly, tooth extractions are an easy and painless procedure that delivers almost no trauma to the patient.

At the office of Dr. Matian and Bio Dental, we aim to deliver the best extractions Encino has available by making our patients comfortable through the entire procedure.

What makes an extraction necessary?

Modern dentistry aims to save all teeth, but some are so badly decayed or damaged that a root canal is no longer an option. An abscessed tooth that fails to respond to antibiotics will frequently require extraction to prevent the infection from spreading throughout the body. Additionally, extraction may be necessary for orthodontic reasons so that crowding is minimized and braces may be applied.

What happens during a tooth extraction?

During a tooth extraction, Dr. Matian will first administer an anesthetic. Whether this is local or general depends on your wishes and, in some cases, the number of teeth involved. While Dr. Matian extracts the tooth, you will feel some pressure but there will not be any pain. Following the extraction, we will ask you to bite down on a gauze pad to stop the bleeding. We may also need to add a few stitches.

What happens after an extraction?

Following a tooth extraction, recovery should take only a few days. For the first 24 hours, you will just relax. You will take painkillers as needed and rinse with salt water as directed. You should refrain from smoking or engaging in heavy physical activity, and we advise that you eat only soft foods for the first few days.


If your teeth are giving you trouble, don’t wait until things get even worse. Call Bio Dental to schedule an appointment for an initial examination and consultation. We always do everything possible to save every tooth, but if we can’t, there’s no need to be afraid. Any patient receiving a tooth extraction at Bio Dental can count on having it done as quickly and as painlessly as possible.

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